There are a number of phone manufacturers that have created handsets that run on the Android OS and handsets that run on the Windows 7 Phone OS. Examples of these manufacturers are LG and HTC. LG created the Optimus 2X, which is one of the most powerful Android phones. They also created the Optimus 7, which is one of a few handsets running on Windows 7. HTC created the HTC Desire HD, which is a powerful Android handset built for multimedia. They also created the 7 Pro, which is a powerful Windows business smartphone. Now, Samsung has done the same thing with the Galaxy S and the Omnia 7.

The Samsung Galaxy S is one of the most popular Android handsets ever to hit the mobile market. It comes with features only the Android OS has to offer. it has the daily briefing that reminds you of what you have to do on a daily basis. It comes with a car mode that helps you navigate through Google Maps hands-free. It comes with a powerful browser that is integrated with flash and HTML 5 that allows you to gain access to millions of websites across the web. Lastly, it is a powerful handset ideal for multitasking.

The Omnia 7 has every innovation the Windows OS has to offer. It comes with highly customizable tiles that can be found on the start screen. It gives you access to an assortment of hubs that provide you with business options, multimedia sharing, music downloads, movie downloads, video downloads, and games. From information to business and from entertainment to shopping these hubs have everything you will ever need from a smartphone.

Mobile technology has created advances that we thought never possible. These operating systems allow us to enjoy the internet, shopping, information, and so much more in devices that fit in the palm of our hands. You can now do a lot of things on these phones just like you would on your laptop or personal computer. With the Samsung Galaxy S and Omnia 7, you get the best out of Android and Windows 7.

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