Samsung heralded the race for slim and stylish sliders that incorporated all the advanced features in their sleek demeanour. The Ultra Edition II range is a manifestation of this endavour by Samsung, which indeed has been quite successful in getting the rest of the players on their toes. Other manufacturers have tried their hand at emulating the unique combination of looks and features complemented by Samsung but the perfection remains the prerogative of one.

The Samsung U600 is a compact phone with a slide open mechanism that lives up to the manufacturer's name. The phone has a shiny casing and comes in sapphire blue, garnet red, platinum metal & in a copper gold color, further adding to the sheen of U600. The built-in camera in the handset let's you record videos and click still snaps. The high resolution 3.2 megapixel camera comes with an auto focus feature, as well as other advanced camera features that a stand alone digital camera would boast of. Providing up to 262,000 colors on a 2.2 inch LCD color screen, the large and lucid display of the handset also acts as a viewfinder for its camera.

The 60 Mbytes of built in memory is expandable with a MicroSD ™ type memory card. The expanded memory enables you to store all your important information, as well as pictures, music and video files in the handset itself. The connectivity options too are outstanding in the Samsung U600. Bluetooth to USB support, and from EDGE and GPRS to a web browser, all together make sure that you remain connected with the ones who matter in every part of the world.

Let this shiny attractive handset be your companion and witness the changes that it will bring in your personal and professional life.

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