Music lovers today are iTunes lover. Known to be the most popular digital media player used for playing and organizing digital music, iTunes plays a major role in the music industry today. With iTunes, you can download music, videos, TV shows, games, ebooks, audiobooks and other applications. However, even a popular application is not without flaws. Music lovers often complain of missing album artwork on iTunes. There are still some flaws where album artworks are missing from songs and albums you downloaded. Fortunately, there are ways to get album artwork on iTunes.

The first thing you can try to get album artwork on iTunes is to do it manually. You can right-click on the song, choose get album art and hope that iTunes have updated their database since the last time you scanned your library. If this fails, then you would need an application that can get album art on iTunes and at the same time, do everything from fixing misspellings, removing duplicates, organizing genres to fixing song details. There are several applications that you can choose from to do all this. There are free ones that you can download, free trial versions and those that need to be purchase before you can download. Before you download the first application you see on your search engine, examine first what it can offer to your music library. There are many sites that offer this kind of application but can only do half of the work. So, do your research well. Ask friends and other users. Check out which application provider is the best for you.

One of the most popular and discussed about application to get album artwork on iTunes is TidySongs. TidySongs is a powerful program that will be able to fix your music library the way you want it. It can fix misspelled songs and details. It is annoying to see misspelled title and artist names on your music library and TidySongs will fix all of these. Duplicate songs can also be removed using this application. Even if they have different spellings, they can be searched and fixed. While fixing your music library, TidySongs can automatically fill in missing artist name, album released year and song genre. All of these are done without you needing to type anything.

Aside of all the things mentioned about TidySongs, there is one more great advantage in using this program. That is making your music look good by using album artwork. TidySongs can automatically download high-resolution album artwork for every song in your music library. Even if you still have misspellings, missing details and duplicate songs, album artwork can be downloaded and displayed on your computer screen to make your music library fun to use and arranged the way it is provided to be.

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