You will need software to record and stream your audio on your website. With so many choices it is hard to know which way to turn. How are you to know which software programs will meet your needs? Today we will look at some of the more popular and inexpensive programs that are available today.

Audacity: You may do well to start with the free to download software Audacity. This is an unbelievable program especially since it is free. You may find Audacity will meet your entire computer recording needs.

n-Track Studio; n-Track Studio is computer audio recording studio that offers a lot of features. You can download an evaluation version to see the power this program has at their website.

Sound Forge: This program includes a powerful set of tools to record and edit your audio. This audio editor will get the job done for almost any streaming audio situation.

Wave Lab: I love Wavelab; it has been my audio editor of choice for many years now. It has always done anything I have asked of it. The problem with the program is that it is too expensive for the average consumer. This has been solved with the addition of Wavelab Essential. This program gives you a great amount of the power of Wavelab at a bargain price. I can’t recommend Wavelab enough.

DB Power Amp: This cool program converts your audio files to the mp3 format or to wav. I use this program on a daily basis to convert my audio over. This program just works. It is simple to use and you will wonder how you got along without it. The price they charge for this software is a true bargain. This website is a virtual goldmine of free and inexpensive software and a whole lot more. If you have not been to the website before you need to get yourself a cup of coffee and spend some time exploring. The information here is unbelievable.

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