Communication is the main tool to keep even the far so near. The technology of communication has grown up in the way of mobile phones. Nowadays everyone is individually connected to the world with the help of mobile phones. The connectivity to each person has been made simple through the arrival of these mobiles. Besides being a status symbol mobile phones have become a necessity in a man's life. Among the mobiles Nokia 6300 is an extraordinary instrument which can also be denoted as a friendly phone.

About the instrument

Nokia 6300 is an instrument having all the special features which are not available in other mobiles. The instrument has been made very easy to understand and easy to use. It is a very lovely and slim mobile. This is a very compact mobile phone but at the same time a very sophisticated one. It has a stainless steel cover on both sides of the mobile phone. The color of the mobile is black and it is a very sleek one.

Special Features

Nokia 6300 consists of special features. The following are some of those special features.

Main features

The model is very compact and its edges in a sphere shape. The covers are made of steel and the color of the cover is black. It has a Mega pixel camera with digital zooming facility. It also has a music player, video player, Frequency modulator radio and video player. The color screen of this mobile is very big and has many shades of true colors. Music and photos can be stored for further use.

Messaging services

This Nokia 6300 mobile phone has very good messaging facilities due to the software that is used in it. The software used for the purpose is Java. It has even the mms messaging services and helps to create, receive, edit and send Instant message

Memory services

Internally the mobile has 7.8 user memories which are set by default and externally the memory can be expanded up to 2 GB. This can be done with the help of micro SD card. The volume of the mobile is 56 cc. The weight of the mobile is 91 grams. The length of the mobile is more than 106 mm and the width is 43.6mm

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