Nokia fulfills the basic need of people to communicate and share. They provide consumers with a very human technology – technology that is perceptive, a joy to use, and attractive. In an era where connectivity is becoming truly ubiquitous, the communications industry is continuously changing to meet this need. Internet plays a major role in this transformation. Building on this Nokia tries to reach out to more and more people with latest innovative products. Nokia believes in the quality and reliability of their products and services as it is the most important factors driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. With this motto in mind Nokia develops new model of mobile phones to suit the needs of every customer world wide.

Nokia N76

The Nokia Mobile phone N76 is one among the latest offerings from the company. This 3g capable smart phone is offered by the AT&T cingular in the U.S. and it operates on the American UMTS bands. This Nokia mobile phone has a 1.3inch Trans-reflective external display as well as a beautiful internal display. The silver black casing gives the phone a sophisticated look. It has a matt finishing that helps to grip the phone even with wet hands easily. Compared to new phones in the offering this one is a little bigger and heavier in size. The construction is of high-quality as there are no needed gaps or creaky hinges.


The brilliant color screen displays the caller name and photo, music ID’s like song and artist name and other standard information. Another attractive feature of this Nokia mobile phone is that the buttons are mounted at the foot of the screen. This can launch the player and can change songs, equalizer settings and also control the volume with out having to open the clamshell.

It also has one of the biggest and best internal screen present in the market and the display is quite sharp. It has an inbuilt two mega pixel camera with flash. Video can also be recorded in .3gp and MPEG-4 formats.

Special features

This Nokia mobile phone is quad-band. It also has a Voice aid and Message reader software, which use text to speech technology to accept voice enabled commands and read out text messages. Another attractive feature is the FM radio and the mobile radio. It can play files with MP3, WMA, AAC, and eAAC+ extensions a well as offer the OMA DRM 2.0- and WMDRM protected songs.

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