Today I’m going to talk a little about making beats to sell and just how easy it is for you to get started today. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made a beat before because the software you can use these days is so basic and most come with video training plus there are a huge amount of video tutorials on

If you are new then this article is going to open your eyes up to something you may never have thought of. I’m talking about making beats to sell online. Did you know that artist and people from all around the world are in need for beats, loops and full tracks?

And the market is hungry and HUGE! People need music for their songs, their tracks, background music for videos, music for games the list goes on and on. But how do you make a beat?

This is where the power of technology and the internet come in because these days you can download software that is very easy to use and cost less than any instrument you would find in a music shop. You can pick up very good software that has everything you need for under $30

Once you have some beat making software it’s as easy as making some cool beats or loops. After you’ve saved your music and made sure it all sounds good, you then export that to mp3 or wav format ready to upload to audio sites like SoundClick, iTunes, AudioDaddy or the Mega Music Maker marketplace.

Now because your music is in digital form you can sell it over and over again. I’ve sold one of my tracks hundreds of times at $20 a pop. I don’t need to spend money on shipping, packing – nothing. Funny thing is I’ve only been doing this for 2 years.

I know people making a full time living selling their beats, and I wont be far behind them. See I only make beats as a hobby, imagine if I took it more serious?

You could be doing the same thing as me and make a few hundred dollars a week or if you’re really good and have more time then you could be making a full time living off something you love. Imagine making money and having fun – it’s the dream right?

Well now you can because I’ve just told you how the only real investment you need to make is time and about $30 which you will make back very fast.

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