E-Book covers are images containing a 3D representation of a book, folder, binder, etc., that are frequently used by authors, marketers and publishers of E-Books or other intangible (non-physical) products such as ezines, downloadable reports , private members' sites, etc.

There are a lot of different ways that you can use these graphics. Here are a few ideas:

1. You can use them on your web site as an illustration or just to jazz it up.

2. You can use them as part of header graphics on your web site.

3. If you have several different E-Books or intangible products, you can allow visitors to choose between them by clicking on the appropriate E-Book cover. You should remember however that some visitors may struggle to read small graphics, so it's a good idea to provide some text links as well, or at least some mouse-over text explaining the graphics.

4. You can use them in advertising materials – for example, as part of your banner advert designs.

5. You can use them to advertise other people's E-Books. For example if you are an affiliate of an E-Book seller, and that seller does not have a cover graphic, you could create a cover to use on your site or as part of your own home-made banners. In this situation, it's polite to ask the E-Book seller if they are okay with you doing this before starting.

6. You can use them in your own products. For example if creating an E-Book or report, you could put the E-Book cover graphic on the first page or in page headers.

7. If you use a E-Book compiler that supports splash graphics (eg Activ E-Book Compiler), you could use the cover as your splash graphics, or incorporate into a larger splash graphic design. (A splash graphic is graphic which is shown when an E-Book or program is loading).

8. You can create E-Book covers for others. There's a lot of demand for E-Book covers, so you create covers which you sell, or in return for a link to your web site. You may be able to find people who need this service on sites like Elance, RentAcoder or perhaps internet marketing discussion forums.

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