Some people find learning a new language easy and natural while others might find it a cumbersome process. Children, especially those around the age of 5, pick up new or foreign languages much faster than adults. Some can learn a new language by just watching foreign TV programs and reading the subtitles. Others might prefer foreign books. But many have opted to learn from foreign language software. Here are 3 reasons why.

Good Instruction Quality

Thanks to advancements in hardware as well as software, makers of foreign language software have been able to improve massively on their instruction quality. This would include accurate word associations and grammar.

Some foreign language software can even evaluate speech, which is just like having a virtual teacher there with you. That said, this feature may not be perfect but it should get better in time to come.

Thousands Of Word Definitions

Many foreign language software come with over 10 thousand word definitions and pronounced words. Gone are the days when these software used to only include words used in popular or commonly used sentences.

Now, you get more value for money with these software. Not only do you get more words but they are conveniently separated into different grades or difficulty levels so you can ease into each level at your own pace.

Its Fun

For those who are not into foreign books, foreign language software could be your cup of tea because it has a fun factor. Foreign language software is fun because it is interactive and it comes with loads of games which not only improves your foreign language vocabulary but other aspects of your mind as well, specifically your memory.

There are some software specially, designed for kids, which even have easy sing-a-longs segments. For more mature students, there are crossword puzzles and other games which make learning fun and easy. Some are even presented in very attractive graphics.


When choosing a foreign learning language software, try to get one which offers different learning levels all in one DVD. If the software is offered separately for the different levels, do start with the beginners level. It is always best to get a good foundation before moving on to the next level.

Next, see if they have a hotline and a forum on which you can get feedback on the software. Admittedly, some software are better than others so it would be good if you looked up a few reviews before you purchase a software.

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