Yale hoists have two available types of load chains, the link load chain as well as the roller load chain. The Yale product range comes with a wide variety of models that are equipped with these parts. This company's hoisting equipment has been available since the early 1900's, but with the ever advancing technology, the advancement of the specs for the chain gauge have been made as well, which in turn leads you straight forward operating manuals for the new heavy lifting technology. The workers from all over the world have easier lives thanks to the use of Yale hoists.

The Yale hoists roller chain system is designed to provide you with an even, and silent working system which is used mainly for medium to light lifting functions. These types of hoists are found available only in a hook suspension format. The link hoists are just right for the lifting of heavier equipment and systems that have a repetitive lifting cycle. These specific models are available with hooks or lug suspension parts. There is a large variety of link load hoists that are equipped with a chain gauge that is easily capable of lifting cumbersome equipment weighing from 500 kilograms to 5000 kilograms.

All of Yale's hoists come equipped with short stroke DC motor braking specs that are positive acting, heavy duty systems. These braking systems have a rating of 150% torque which is used to stop the hoist and hold the load it is carrying. The hoists are also all equipped with a Weston type mechanical load brake which allows easy load lowering control, but this is only used as a backup for the hoist motor brakes. All of the Yale hoists are fitted with an overload device that is used for protecting the hoist, the operator and the surrounding structures by the means of preventing any unwanted dangerous overloading from happening. The lug and hook suspended hoists are both provided with a trolley, that can be found available as either motor driven, push, or hand geared versions. The hook on trolley comes as either a push version or as a hand geared version, while the other type, being the rigid mount, comes available as a hand geared version, a motor driven version, or a push version and these versions all come with an easy to follow operating manual for every individual hoist. These versions also come as wall mounted crane systems for stable heavy lifting applications.

All the various types and types of Yale hoists, as well as those of many other companies, come available with a large variety of controlling options, which are exclusively designed for meeting the exact requirements of your applications. The typical control systems of these hoists are designed as a single speed system with the options for a two speed and variable frequency for the lifting equipment. All of the electronic hoists that Yale provides have been CSA approved for your use. Many work places all over the world that are using these heavy lifting devices, have no troubles when moving cumbersome equipment around.

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