Today teaching is using space age technology to combine computerization and daily lessons on a grand scale. Interactive boards have been available for several years but now their popularity has made them an important element in the majorities of classrooms around the world.

A whiteboard is one of the most technologically advanced student response systems currently on the market. The whiteboard comes equipped with a packet of software that can be installed directly onto the PC of your choice. Then the board is connected to the PC with either a USB port, wireless Bluetooth connection or some type of serial port cable.

Then the software is able to transform the whiteboard into a fully interactive system that functions in the same way as your keyboard mouse. By using a normal projector it is possible to create the computer's desktop image on the whiteboard screen. Now the user has a functional HID (human input device) to use as they choose.

As soon as the computer connections are established the whiteboard is activated. This allows the user of these student response systems to choose the programs, menus and keyboard commands just as easily as they would with a computer mouse. Instead of just watching the old fashioned projector images students and teachers are now given the opportunity of bringing the power and versatility of the computer to life on the big screen.

The instructor can move quickly through the lesson plans and cover a great deal of material in a much shorter period of time. Students are able to absorb the lessons more readily when they are presented on an whiteboard screen and the interactive features make this system truly 'user friendly'.

The written material that is needed for the class can be typed with the whiteboard imaged keyboard, which is fast and efficient. Because the screen contains images of both the computer keyboard as well as the mouse it is possible for the whiteboard user to handle almost any aspect of the computerized display without leaving the screen.

However there are some interactive whiteboards that even translate cursive handwriting to easily readable print. Teachers are delighted when they discover how quickly they can present the lessons to their class with the use of a whiteboard system.

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