It's great when you find someone you're compatible with. Here is a mobile phone, the Nokia N80 that really is a compatible gadget. You live your life and the rest is managed by it. The 3G multimedia smartphone phone Nokia N80 has many in-built features that include, a 3-mega pixel camera with built-in flash on the back and another camera on the front, Wi-Fi (802.11g), Universal Plug and Play ( UPnP), FM radio, Blue tooth 1.2, digital music player function, MiniSD memory card slot, and support for 3D Java games. The Nokia N80 function as a portable media player due to its Mini SD memory card slot and of its large screen.

The Nokia N80 works with the Symbian operating system version 9.1. Being the world's first UPnP-compatible phone it is trend setter and at the same an iconic product. This feature – UpnP – allows transfer of media files to compatible devices over Wi-Fi, a variety of standards used for wireless data transfer. Laden with this UpnP feature, the Nokia N80 optimized both work and play for the users. It seamlessly connects, harmonize your compatible TVs, audio systems and PC, all in one. Here in this article, a brief and at the same time its aspect of usefulness would be discussed. Among its features are: First, it is media and device independent which makes it enable to run without using device drivers, instead using common protocols.

It can be run on many media including phone lines, power lines (PLC), Ethernet, IR (IrDA), RF (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), and FireWire. Second, it is Operating system and programming language independent, giving the freedom for the OS vendors to create APIs suiting their user's needs. Third, the UpnP technology is built on Internet-based technology like IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, and XML, among others. To run the UPnP technology, it does not require any configuration, though it enables networking of devices, it automatically discovers any devices that is compatible with it. The Nokia N80 empowers people to pursue professional goals and personal passions with equal fervor, thanks to its latest technology.

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