China and its culture has always been regarded by the West as an intriguing country; what with its difficult tongue and traditions. The major reason would be to better understand the nation what China has been doing business with for many years already.

With this Asian nation's desire to learn the language, English schools emerged one by one within the country. Along with the establishment of these institutions also comes the need for foreign teachers. Of course, who else would be able to teach the students the right way to talk than those who speak the language themselves. Here, the reason why an applicant should be a native speaker of the English dialect. If you want to venture into the field of teaching, you may want to consider taking up ESL jobs in the country of China.

There are several cities all through the mainland offering ESL profession to interested individuals. One of these is Yuncheng, wherein an American ESL school is looking for foreign teachers. This opportunity offers you a full time job, along with a monthly salary of 5,000 RMB. You will be working for eighteen hours each week. Tomorrowmore, you will most likely be assigned to teach English in schools, businesses, or universities all over the country.

Since you are not staying within China, looking for a home is not much of a problem. The ESL center will provide you with an accommodation which is fully furnished. You will also be offered with an air travel fare, along with a trip allowance. However, you have to be qualified in order for you to get accepted during your application. You have to be a native speaker of the language, and not more than 54 years old. You must have acquired a Bachelor's degree. Furthermore, you need to present TESOL certification, a residence permit, and a working visa. Once you have the complete requirements, you will be able to proceed with the job.

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