By now you know that Twitter is a viable tool for online sales, if you know how to manage profiles and tweak the right software to your advantage. But can the average person really make a decent income with Twitter? With so much conflicting information online, it's hard to believe even the most reasonable claims anymore.

Browse Google search results for internet marketing and you'll find more information than you could possibly want. It's out there, but a lot of it is expensive and does not deliver when it comes time to put the software to the test. We know lots of people who've spent large sums of money on programs that never panned out for one reason or another.

Now, granted, making money online is not impossible, but it does take a certain amount of effort. Do not let anyone fool you – there is no overnight success with online marketing. The best you can do is choose wisely when seeking that special product that brings in a reasonable rate of return.

So, think about some of the most reliable sites you've heard of that get lots of traffic and have been proven performers on the Internet. How about ClickBank, arguably the largest online marketplace available, a site that has registered over 100,000 affiliate marketers, offering thousands of products in every niche imaginable? A site, incidentally, that costs you nothing to join.

Then there's Twitter, another free service that's quickly approaching 100 million messages or "tweets" per day now. Within all those conversations, there are lots of people with specific interests who are looking for good advice and good products to help them become more productive.

But, there's a learning curve, right? How do you make an impact on sites you know nothing about? Where do you start?

If you're smart, you start with TweetOMatic Profiteer, a system that does most of the work for you by automating tasks that get you traffic and followers in droves. These are the potential customers willing to buy ready-made products that already have a measure of success on ClickBank.

TweetOMatic Profiteer

Selling affiliate products is nothing new. Someone else does the work of creating them, and it is not unusual to earn 75% commission on the products you sell. The beauty of this program? If you can put together a tweet on Twitter and attach an affiliate link to the message, that's about as hard as it gets. Imagine reaching a target audience of 100,000 people (for free) and learning a commission on each sale.

You do not need a website, you do not have to pay monthly fees to get customers, and you do not even need to know much about affiliate marketing.

The additional benefits of this program include:

• 6o-day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee – If the product does not work out like you planned, simply notify customer service and they will refund your investment.

• Dedicated Customer Support – These guys do not just walk away after you've made the choice to purchase the program. If you've got questions, they've got answers.

• Extensive Guidebooks to TweetOMatic and Twitter – These guides take you through the initial steps to set up all your accounts, find targeted followers, and set up the hoplinks for affiliate products.

TweetOMatic Campaign screen

Do not get us wrong, this is not going to make you rich. The interface is very basic, but if you follow the steps in setting up the program correctly, it will bring in results and much-needed passive income in the coming weeks.

TweetOMatic Profiteer is a no-nonsense program that taps into the best affiliate products on ClickBank and bridges the gap between the product and its customers using Twitter. This low-cost tool is worth checking out as an entry into the world of affiliate marketing.

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