Looking for a business phone? Business phone for you will not necessarily mean a 3G smartphone but a phone that can carry simple business functions along with few fun features in a non ostentatious looking phone. Well, you can rely upon the Nokia 6233, a phone that looks like the perfect choice for you considering your requirements.

To study it a little further, Nokia 6233 is a conventional looking phone with a candy bar design. You can view a spectrum of 256,000 colors in its TFT display that looks great on this business phone. This handset works on Tri-Band GSM network along with 3G support which bestows it with great connectivity all across the globe. Also, high speed data transfering techniques as EDGE, GPRS, Infrared and Bluetooth are also installed in it. With this device in your pocket, it is easier to browse the World Wide Web at a very fast speed. You can also send or receive E-mails via this handset.

Nokia 6233 comes with a powerful 2 Mega Pixels camera that delivers crystal clear image quality. You may as well capture the most wonderful moments of life in the form of video clips in its VGA resolution video camera. This phone has an integrated MP3 player that plays your favorite numbers anywhere and at anytime. And if you are worried about the audio quality, fear not … for that's the best, thanks to its Stereo speakers with 3D effects. Also you can keep yourself updated with the latest happening around the world with its integrated FM radio.

However, there are a few complaints about this handset. First, it has no front video calling camera (considering it's a 3G phone). Secondly, there is no LED flash in the high quality camera which looks like a major drawback in this phone. Thirdly, its integrated FM radio has no RDS support. The keypad of this handset is user friendly with a comfortable navigation, however, the complaints are about the side keys that are really stiff to operate.

The above drawbacks are rather minor and do not make much difference with the functions of this phone. Therefore, Nokia 6233 completes the package of a good business phone for those who like simplicity clubbed with great features!

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