Windows 7 has been out for quite some time now. You might be considering upgrading to this new operating system. If you are, you need to be aware of what choices you have when doing an upgrade. It's a bit of a complicated process since you are taking your operating operating system and switching to something else. Be aware of what you can do about this.

Before you do an upgrade you need to do a few things to protect your data just in case. First of all, back up all your files on your system so that you have these. Make sure you have all your setup and EXE files for your programs and any CDs or DVDs that have your applications on them. This way no matter what you have your applications and data for your new operating system.

It's also a good idea to consider cloning your current machine as is. This means putting everything onto an external hard drive so if you mess up, you can restore it the way it's set up right now.

If you have Vista, there is an upgrade price that you can pay that will get you Windows 7. If you bought a computer near or around October of 2009, the price might actually be free for you. This process takes your current machine and loads on Windows 7 keeping your files on the machine. If done correctly, you have limited things to set up.

A different option is to buy a copy of Windows 7 and install it to your machine yourself. This will destroy everything on your hard drive giving you a clean machine to work with. You will not have to deal with any lingering errors, malicious files like viruses you might already have had on Vista, or bloatware that can be annoying. When loading an operating system like this, you need to know how to work with drivers and other technical issues.

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