Text message advertising is said to be the next big thing. This is because millions of people across the globe have embraced text messaging as an easy way to communicate. So much that they do it on such a regular basis it has become a part of them. Text messages are being used to vote for your favorite contestants in TV shows, to respond to polls among other things. Here is why this method works.

1. Text message advertising works because people are already addicted to reading and sending texts.

2. People are less apprehensive about text advertising because there is a character limit of 160 characters per message.

3. This system is an opt in system so people will never get messages that they are not interested in and don’t want.

What is also good about text advertising apart from the fact that it works, is the fact that it is also cost effective. There will be no employees, no overhead, it will provide recurring income and can be done from anywhere (No more suite, ties or high heels in this business).

As a marketer this is a great way to impress your current clientele and also to attract new ones. Since these texts messaging advertising campaigns are automatic once you sign up you won’t have much work to do. You will have income generated each time your client pays their bill. When they would like to send out a message they will input this into a user friendly web form and send it off to customers. Did you see how much work you do? Almost none.

Text advertising does work. It is the newest marketing wave and will take over and be better than email marketing ever was and ever could be. This is an opt in method so you will never get complaints about unsolicited emails from anyone.

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