System Guard 2009 is a rogue security software. It is the newest among the increasing list of fake Anti-spyware program found on Internet. It pop-ups misleading and fake security alerts to misguide the end user that the computer is infected with Virus and Trojans.

How computer gets infected with System Guard 2009 ; Spyware infection usually happens when you download video codec for your media player or when you visit malicious websites. If you download video codec from unknown websites, it may contain fake alert Trojans. In both cases you will be redirected to a unknown System Guard 2009 website which starts fake scanning of your computer and displays fake reports which says your computer is infected with Virus, Trojan and Spywares, which are all fake.

System Guard 2009 infection ; If infected with this Spyware, you will get a large amount of fake security alerts pop-ups which says "Your computer is infected with Trojans. "He said. These false alerts frittens the end-users and will force the user to download System Guard 2009. Once you install it, your computer is fully infected with fake alert trojan. Once the computer infected with Spyware, it will pop-up many more alerts which shows ads of various rogue Antivirus software's and force you to purchase it. These pop-ups will use all your computer resources and will make your computer slow. It will crash your computer in no time.

How to remove System Guard 2009 ; This Spyware removal can be done using free tools. It is very important to run a full scan to remove all the infected files. You can safely remove System Guard 2009 from your computer using absolutely Free Virus removal tools.

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