Doing background checks nowadays is easy with the help of the growing technology. There are many reasons why someone is to be background search, among the most common reasons are:

– Checking if an employee has criminal records.

– Checking if the person you are dating is married or not.

– Checking if you are leaving the kids to a safe nanny.

– Checking if the neighborhood you are in is protected from sex offenders.

– Checking for your own public records.

Public background checking involves the process of checking a person for financial, commercial, and other relevant records in cases such as screening for employment purposes. Back then, checking the U.S. public records are often done only when someone is applying for a job especially those that calls for a position of trust or high security like banks, hospitals, schools and law enforcement. Background checking was traditionally done by police authorities. Today, anybody can find people records for just about any reason and can be done through services offered by private businesses.

Public records usually have information like credit worthiness, criminal history and past employment. A background check is important since it allows evaluations of a particular person better and without being subjective. Although it proves to have a good advantage, critics, especially those protecting civil rights find the whole process a violation of privacy and illegally discriminatory.

Making use of a background search in pre-employment screening helps counter the numerous reports of discrepancies and embellishments that are being encountered by employers from their workers. Almost fifty percent of organizations or businesses have the experience where their vetting procedures still allowed an employee to join them and was later on found out to misrepresent themselves and have lied in their application. Business establishments have been reporting a significant amount of business fraud because of this problem. However, with the accessibility of U.S. public records, reports are showing a significant reversal and twist in the trend.

For employers, background search are done to confirm the information found in an applicants resume. In this way, they will be able to differentiate possible employees and they will be able to pick the one that best suits the position being vied for. Listed below are the types of public background checks being done on people for varied reasons:

– Address and identity verification

– Character reference check

– Credit history

– Criminal history report

– Education verification

– Employment history

– Employment references

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