The latest version of Windows is out and every technology user is ready to install or upgrade to it. The Windows 8.1 sure is something that everyone has been on a look out for due to its features and tweaks that it brings to the table. This latest version is optimized for the mobile technology that comes handy for Surface tablet. However, it is something to look forward to especially for those who are always on a look out for additional features and tweaks that will improve their experience with Microsoft OS. If you are the one who wants a smooth transition to this latest version then all you need to do is know what exactly to do. Given here are some handy tips for upgrading to Windows 8.1.

If spending time with the traditional desktop of Windows is something that looks much familiar to you and the touch-optimized version is bit difficult then you can make a few adjustments.

All that you are looking for is still where it belongs. If you want to switch back to the desktop mode, then right click on Taskbar-> Properties-> Settings-> Navigation and select the checkboxes against the following options:

• To boot your system in the traditional desktop mode you need to checkmark against the option of when I sign in or close all apps on a screen go to the desktop instead of Start.
• If you are still not familiar with the Apps view and the Start then checkmark against, show my desktop background on Start. Not only will this give you back your traditional look but also help you work around with it easily.
• If you want your Windows 8.1 Start button to operate like traditional Start menu then choose show the Apps view automatically when I go to Start. Not only choosing this option will help you save time in working with the Start menu but also save you the hassle of opening sub menus for Apps view list. You will be easily able to launch numerous apps without digging in the sub menu.
• For those who are still on a look out for the shortcuts provided in the old Start menu they can opt for a third party app like Start8. This will help you create shortcuts to your Documents folder and to Control Panel.

For making your search more focused on the results rather than fetching you vague results you can do the following:

• By default the option of Search everywhere is enabled in your Apps view, this fetches you all sorts of results. For getting your search-focused keyword specific, you should uncheck the option. Now whenever you are searching for an app you will not get vague results that are related to non-app links.
• For creating more desktop space, you can check the option of list desktop apps first. This creates a category listing of Apps and sorts them out accordingly.
• When it concerns your privacy related to browsing and the history then you need to change settings by, disabling the option of Web-prediction. This way your surfing history will not be saved and you can browse in privacy. Your IE history will not be saved anywhere by making a relevant setting that comes in the initial set up stage.

All the above-mentioned soft tips will help you in upgrading, smooth transition and getting a head start with Windows 8.1.

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