After you study your text books it is important to test your newly acquired knowledge and see just how well you have absorbed the material. Practice exams ….

* Reinforces what you learned – fill in the gaps of what you missed
* Gets you used to answering questions to build confidence and familiarity

Here are 10 multiple choice exams questions for you to practice on:

Question 1 # – Which of the following is non-routable?


Question 2 # – What is the main difference between an ATA / 33 and ATA / 66 cable?

A. Cable color
B. Number of wires
C. Connector
D. Twists in cables
E. Prong layout
F. Cable pin out

Question 3 # – A 1xx POST error code indicates a problem with:

A. Video
C. Hard Drive
D. System Board

Question 4 # – Authentication technologies are those of the below?

A. Public key infrastructure (PKI)
B. Hardening of passwords
C. biometrics
D. all the above

Question 5 # – Which of the following command line tools is used to locate the name space and information about a particular domain?


Question 6 # – which of the following is most likely to protect a personal computer system during an electrical storm?

A. Use surge suppressors on all AC outlets
B. Disconnect the line cords
C. Totally disconnect all cables and power cords
D. Turn the AC power off

Question 7 # – The acronym "POST" refers to ….

A. Power-On Start Test
B. Power-On Self Test
C. Preliminary Operating System Test
D. Proprietary Operating System Test

Question 8 # – A technician is diagnosing a customer's computer and observes that the computer is sluggish and unresponsive. Which of the following actions should the technician take?

A. Explain to the customer that the computer is outdated and the technician needs to take it back to the shop to fix it.
B. Explain the problem to the customer and show the customer how to defragment the system.
C. Perform a system restore on the computer.
D. Explain the problem to the customer in basic terms and recommend a solution.

Questions 9 # – What is the I / O address for COM3?

A. 3E8
B. 3F8
C. 3G8

Question 10 # – where can the first division of any hard drive be found?

A. Active
B. Primary
C. extended


Question 1 – Correct Answers: C
Question 2 – Correct Answers: B
Question 3 – Correct Answers: D
Question 4 – Correct Answers: D
Question 5 – Correct Answers: D
Question 6 – Correct Answers: C
Question 7 – Correct Answers: B
Question 8 – Correct Answers: D
Questions 9 – Correct Answers: A
Question 10 – Correct Answers: B

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