Why is the IT Service Management considered to be so important these days? The answer is simple. The IT business pundits have come to realize that creating or manufacturing products alone will not help them garner the profits. A good relationship with the customers is also essential to develop a business. Therefore, the IT Service Management's clear focus lies on the relations between the IT professionals and the clients.

The IT Infrastructure Library, which comprises of seven volumes dealing with Service Support, Service Delivery, Planning to Implement ITSM, The Business Perspective and Applications Management, ICT Infrastructure Management, and Security Management, is considered to be the best collection of IT service management practices . The three volumes of ITIL – Service Support, Service Delivery, and Security Management – are the important modules of the ITIL framework that are closely related with the IT Management.

The general view is that the IT service management is not concerned with the technical aspects, but with the operational structure of an organization. In other words, it does not have project management within its purview.

The essence of any business is to improve the functionality and increase the quality while being cost effective. IT Service Management strives to do just that for the IT industry. In addition, it can also be termed as a management that looks from the customers' point of view.

ITSM can be in the form of software, hardware, or different modes of communication. It all depends on the organization and their comfort level in working with an IT Management tool.

The general problem that most IT companies face today when it comes to the IT Service Management is that they have to change their process in order to accommodate the tool to fit in their plan of things. Therefore, it is essential that a company choose its ITSM tool that will be in sync with the business plan they follow.

The goal of every IT business is to provide IT services efficiently and effectively, proven process performance, make profits, and increase productivity. In order to achieve all theses, an organization would need an software with important four features, which are competency, substance, governance, and automation.

IT service management is no doubt a requirement in the recent times to improve the business and build a closer relationship with the clients.

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