The problem of a slow system is actually one of the easiest to fix – you just need to be able to fix the cause of the issue that's making your system run slow. What I mean here is that all computers run slow for a reason – and if you can fix that reason, you'll be able to make your PC run like new again.

The causes of a slow system can be narrowed down to two problems. The first is to do with the 'hardware' of your PC – the bits and pieces which power it to help it run. Every time you use your computer, it's constantly calculating the instructions and commands you give it, allowing it to do what you want. This is done with the hardware of your computer – but in many cases, the parts that make up your PC are so old that they do not work very quickly at all. This is a problem if your PC is more than 3 years old, and is linked to a gradual decline in computer speed. To fix it, you need to upgrade or buy a new PC.

The other big cause of a slow system is the most common – it's a part of Windows called the 'registry'. The registry is a database which stores information and settings for your system, and is vitally important. However, it's constantly being used too much, making your PC unable to load and read the files it needs from it.

The problem is caused by all the software and hardware on your PC – which puts 100's of settings inside the registry each day. Things like your latest emails and even your desktop wallpaper are kept in the database, which means that when Windows wants to open up your saved preferences, it's going to dive into the registry and get all the settings it needs. The registry is so important that it's used too much, making Windows confused and leads it to save many registry settings in the wrong way, leading your system to become full of corrupt and damaged registry files …

This means that the next time your system wants to use the settings inside the registry, it will be able to process them, making your PC run slow. This problem is actually one of the largest issues facing many computers through the World, and is actually one of the easiest to fix. You just need to use a 'registry cleaner' which is a software tool that scans through the registry database and removes any of the corrupt files that are in there. You just need to get a registry tool and then let it scan for any errors on your system. If it comes back as having over 500 errors, then it's advisable to clean out the database. This also makes your PC run like new, because new computers do not have any corrupt files to slow them down.

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