Technical publications such as user manuals, functional specifications, and service bulletins play a crucial role in organizations that operate in highly technical fields. As organizations modernize their systems and look at better ways to manage and deploy technical data, professional technical authoring services can provide the expertise necessary to address every aspect of the technical documentation process.

In the past decade, many organizations have begun to move away from traditional paper-based technical documentation in favor of Interactive Electronic Manuals/Publications (IETMs/IETPs). Electronic manuals and publications provide a distinct advantage for organizations that wish to streamline their processes, as these new documentation formats enable technical data to be easily accessed and shared across the organization. The shift to IETMs can also support corporate initiatives to streamline business processes, reduce wastage, and improve productivity.

A distinct advantage that professional authoring services have is expertise in technical publication standards. Applying standards in the creation of technical documentation offers significant benefits to organizations, such as time and costs savings, and the assurance of interoperability across different platforms.

Internationally accepted technical publications standards such as S1000Dâ„¢ not only help facilitate the exchange of information, but can also serve to shorten publication development cycles. S1000D utilizes a Common Source Database, which allows the reuse of information across publications and projects. Because it is no longer necessary to recreate the same pieces of information multiple times during the development of a technical document. This can translate to a significantly shorter timeframe for the authoring process, as data modules are reused as needed.

Professional technical authoring services have the knowledge and expertise to provide organizations with the means to cost-effectively manage and deliver technical data across the enterprise.

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