There are quite a few unfortunate people of have been conned into loading Vista Antimalware 2011 onto their computers. Vista Antimalware 2011 is presented as security application that protects PCs from viruses and other malware, the fact is though, it is nothing of the sort, but is actually a virus itself. Because it’s a virus, you need to remove Vista Antimalware 2011 as soon as you possibly can. The tough part is that it isn’t possible to simply uninstall Vista Antimalware 2011, after all, it isn’t an application, but just a virus posing as one.

Viruses are designed to be difficult to remove, so it will not be easy at all to get rid of Vista Antimalware 2011. It spreads all over your system by riding piggyback on your PC’s memory. At the same time, it carries out its primary function: that of finding all of your personal data like email addresses, credit card information and the like and sending it to vested interests.

Another annoying thing is that although it is infamously difficult to delete Vista Antimalware 2011, getting infected is as easy as falling off a log. You can lessen your chances of getting infected if you follow these tips:

  • Don’t go to websites that are not well known, many obscure sites contain browser hijackers. If you are unsure of a site, consult a knowledgeable friend or officemate.
  • Try to minimize the use of Adobe software while you’re online. Adobe software has proven vulnerable to malware attacks. Make sure you have anti-virus software running when you use Adobe browser plug-ins.
  • Get rid of any P2P software on your PC, programs like uTorrent and Limewire leave your PC open to thousands of potentially infected PCs.

This type of virus can sometimes be spotted before it actually infects your PC. The prelude to infection will be a pop-up window that will keep on popping up even after you close it. The pop-up will tell you that your PC is infected and that the only way you can save yourself is to install a certain tool, which it will direct you to via a link. The tool it speaks of is the actual virus, under no circumstances should you follow the link, much less download the software.

If you’ve loaded the malware already, you’ll need to do Vista Antimalware 2011 removal. Some PC gurus try to delete the virus one file at a time, this can prove difficult because the virus replicates. The process requires three things:

  • Remove the actual program files of the virus, the ones with.exe and.bat file extensions.
  • The virus will also have.dll and.lnk files, as they are needed for it to run on your OS, you’ll need to find and delete those too.
  • Using the regedit command, you’ll need to enter the system registry and delete virus entries in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER directories.

Most people, PC experts included, don’t bother with this method. It’s too risky, and too time consuming, and there is not much of a chance of success. To remove Vista Antimalware 2011, most rely on an anti-virus tool. A virus removal program can check your PC from top to bottom for any and all traces of the virus. It’s isn’t likely to miss anything, or delete anything it shouldn’t. As an added bonus, it will secure your system against future malware infection.

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