It is for MS PowerPoint that PPT, a native file format is used. Microsoft’s this application is a software that is meant to be used for presentation that lets users to create multimedia slides in order to compliment the look and feel of presentation. So if you need to create slideshows you could do it by using projectors, speaker notes, handouts and film recorders. One of the things to notice is that PowerPoint application was initially launched for Apple Macintosh but later had been distributed to Microsoft. It is businesspeople, trainers, educators, and pupils who could use the PPT files.

Portable Document Format is the child of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Files in this particular format could be accessed via Adobe Acrobat Reader. It displays the content or data in the files exactly in the way it would look on a printer. It clearly means that the font stated on the document with this format is portable or it simply moves along with the file. In this, no changes could be made since it is non-editable. The main idea behind using it is to share data online that is completely secure and also so that the data remains out of the hands of getting damaged. The file could be compressed also by retaining contents in place like text, graphics and regardless of shrinking in size, all of the data remains intact within the file. All the matter in the original document gets compressed in this formatted file and many pdf to word tools are available on the Internet for which you might not even have to pay.

In order to view PPT slides on your computer system it is necessary to have installed PowerPoint. Therefore you could say that converting these files into pdf would be a wise decision since the latter could be opened on almost all computers without any problem. On top of that, the columns or layout is as well maintained even after the conversion of document. It is important to note that slides in PPT might look different on various computers, which depends upon the pictures and fonts that are installed on a particular system. You could search on the Web for a good utility and convert your files.

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