In the 21st century, there has been an increasingly popular concern that, robots will eat up labor share of income at an accelerating rate, leaving ordinary workers impoverished and unemployed. There has been a variant of this since the dawn of industrial revolution. Improvements in farming technology have been greeted with skepticism since ancient times for these motives. Mechanical contraptions for sewing and other task were decried as potentially ruinous to workers in other European nations. There is always a grain of truth to these complains because technological innovations inevitably displace some segment of staff. In general, the current technological revolution is transferring those workers whose jobs constituted of routine, repeatable responsibilities.

Thousands of the information architecture underpinning the work processes of all major industries is being upgraded to cloud and mobile ecosystems and is leveraging big data in new methods. This serves as a trend in the smart enterprise wave. The consequence of this is that many clerk, telephone operator, mailroom, clerical, stenographic, and data -entry jobs are on the way out.

Advances in machine learning and robotics make it possible for manufacturers to accomplish fewer workers. As an illustration, there can be an experience of temporarily higher unemployment as semi – autonomous vehicle technology enables a pair of truck drivers to safely navigate a convoy of multiple trucks.50 per cent of jobs in the us economy have been replaced with new forms of labor every 60 to 90 years.


The creative destruction driven by innovation is scary because it is hard to predict the future, wealthier society looks like. Here we are going to look at five (5) jobs that will surely take over in the future:

VR/AR AND PERSONALIZED ENTERTAINMENT: Here, as virtual reality hardware and software evolve, whole new historical novels and science will be tailored to peoples individual personalities. Demand will rocket for talented creatives or human actors who control dynamic avatars in personalized story lines. Hollywood & gaming industries will collaborate on building interactive environments in multiple dimensions in employing millions.

E-MARKETING: Designing, building & managing community marketplaces for brand and business purposes can probably also employ millions of people in the future. Designers and content writers, social media influencers such as style bloggers, YouTube starts and Instagram celebrities, digital marketing consultants, and other e-marketing professionals will find employment opportunities in the changing economy.

ENERGY: Technological breakthroughs in fracking and the renewable energy sector will create jobs for millions in the nearest future.As energy technologies develop and drive down values, this industry will continue to expand to create better employment for technologists and scientists working on carbon capture, petrochemicals refining.

ORGANIC DATA BREAKDOWN: The scores of new jobs will open up at the juncture of data analysis and human opinion. Businesses will look to collect data on aspects of the marketing, design, features and more while also testing potential markets by sending out exploratory survey.

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