This article considers some pdf file creation options for ebook marketing. It provides some money-saving advice and details what, in the author's experience, is the best way to produce pdf ebooks.

If you're serious about producing an ebook then you would be well advised to produce it in Word or Open Office but market it in the ubiquitous pdf format. Pdf files are produced by Adobe Acrobat software but can also be created for free. One major advantage of having your ebook in pdf format is that it can be read on any computer using free software called Adobe Acrobat Reader. Another advantage is that pdf files can have your web links embedded and be secured against modification. Open Office is an excellent free alternative to Mircosoft Word that provides an "Export as PDF" feature.

If your ebook production requirements are not exacting then you can quite happily use free software called PDF 995. The software displays adverts upon its use and if you want the advert free version then you have to part with $ 9.95 since the name. PDF 995 comes in two parts: Pdf Edit and a signature utility for securing your pdf. PDF 995 works as a printer driver within your word processor to create the pdf, you can then add bookmarks and links to your pdf using Pdf Edit. Note that for the serious ebook marketer PDF 995 has some unacceptable limitations.

The major problem with PDF 995 is itsadequate processing of links. In my experience there are instances where it simply does not create hyperlinks at all and when it does create them, the linking area is too small. There's also a lack of selectivity when creating hyperlinks with PDF 995 in that a hyperlink is created for each and every occurrence of a specified section of text in your document.

You can instead create your pdf using Open Office. This enables you to add hyperlinks and these hyperlinks are transported over when you export your Open Office file into pdf format. This overcomes the limitations of PDF 995. If you plan to produce an ebook that can be freely distributed then it's important to secure it to prevent someone else branding it with his or her affiliate links. This can also be done using Open Office.

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