Visit any website that has learned the power of the ethical bribe, and you will see another person that has figured out how to create and sell an ebook. OK – so they most likely give the eBook away instead of selling it – but they have obviously created an ebook.

Creating an eBook is fairly easy and has incredible benefits for your business. With an ebook, you can provide it as an added value to your visitors in exchange for their information. You can use it to establish your own credibility and expertise in a field. You can use the eBook you create to promote your own affiliate products or provide reviews of products you have used. The use for an eBook is endless.

To create an ebook, all you need is a word processor and the ability to save a document as a PDF. There are options on both Windows and Mac for saving a file to PDF. The advantage of using a PDF document is that it can not be edited and it is universally viewable (mac, window, linux). It creates the broadest audience for your material.

The key to creating your eBook is to start by understanding what your audience needs. If you create an eBook without considering their needs, you will find that it flops. Every time you sit down to write, you must remember that if you provide enough people with what they need – you will receive what it is that you need.

As for all things in creating online success – you must start by taking action.

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