In this article you will learn what the simple and most common mistakes people do in protecting their computers from cyber security threats and how to avoid them to protect your sensitive information from cyber crime.

Nowadays looks like the computers are becoming part of our daily life and we use them more and more for bill payment, communication, transportation, entertainment and so on. This means that more and more sensitive information is stored on our machine and is exposed to cyber security threats.

Cyber ​​security is all about protecting your computer from different attacks such viruses, worms, spyware and malware. Even worse, combination of these malicious infections can overload and shut down systems and resources.

How do these infections find their way in your machine? There is variety of ways. For example, the browsers are not safe anymore. They have weak points that expert hackers can use to infect your computer with viruses, worms, spyware and malware. They will even use trusted websites to make these attacks. This is the reason for software developers to invest on constant security upgrade.

Phishing attacks are another form of cyber security threat that requests the user for personal and financial information. If the user provides the requested information typically the cyber criminals will use it to extract money from the user's account / s.

Cyber-terrorism is another rising cyber security threat. Some experts would say that cyber terrorism is just the same as hacking. But experts would agree that it is intended to create or start fear, physical harm or death by using electronic methods.

An example would have been the case in Romania, where terrorists were able to control the life support systems in an Antartic research station, putting 58 scientists in danger. This kind of attack can affect a great deal of people, weakening the economy and even make the country vulnerable to military attacks.

To protect your computer from cyber crime you need to install good antivirus and antimalware software, or combination of softwares that will fully protect the computer from malicious infections. Good software antivirus and antimalware software would have constant threat database update to capture latest cyber security threats. Also, they should have option of scheduled as well as manual scan request and infection removal.

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