A Portable Document Format or PDF is the product of Adobe Systems. It is a computer application which is used universally. The software basically helps in preparing all sorts of documents with the help of advanced features that equip the users with compatibility and flexibility across several different platforms. The user can also include graphics, tables, animated images, columns and content into the document. Moreover, the compression algorithms squeeze the size of the created file, making it transferable across platforms. PDF is by far the secureest form of data transfer as it is password protected and can not be easily manipulated.

PDF Converters

Since there are a plethora of documents presented or saved in a Portable Document Format, there appears to be a requirement to change the PDF into some other file format. For instance, there may be a need to edit the file. For that matter, one can utilize the PDF to Word Converter to make editable documents out of in-editable files.

By converting the files with the assistance of a PDF to Word Converter a user can make all the necessary changes as required. Once through with the updates and alterations made in the Word format, the user can again convert the file to the PDF format. Such converters can also be used for converting PDF's into Excel, Postscript, Power Point, and the like. 'Partial' or 'batch' conversion is also possible with the assistance of these converter tools, given the software is equipped with some advanced features. As far as a 'batch' conversion goes, a user can easily generate several docs out of any format. Moreover, by 'partial' conversion, the user can choose a few pages from the document and convert them into a desired format. Some of the advanced software tools also endow the user with the OCR feature which helps convert scanned PDF's into an editable format.

A Reliable PDF Converter Will Carry The Following Features:

* It will have the ability to convert PDF to word and word to PDF.
* It would be able to convert all kinds of files, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel to PDF.
* It can convert PDF to Text.
* It can convert PDF to MS RTF.
* It can convert PDF to HTML.
* It can extract graphics or images from the Portable Document Format.
* It comes with an authoring password for using the software.

Any good PDF Converter Software should have the above mentioned attributes. Apart from that, it should also be able to run smoothly and with ease. There are several companies that offer such features at a very genuine rate. In addition, they also offer technical support in case of any difficulty using the software. However, before buying a PDF to word converter or any other PDF converter for that matter one must research well over the web, find some genuine companies surf their sites and inquire about usage of the tool and it's pricing. The software should be easy to use and install. One should not require any kind of technical expertise to be able to use these programs on one's system. All the user must be asked to do is click a few buttons. One great advantage of these applications is that they do not take up too much memory; they do not hinder speed.

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